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MEI 4 in 1+ Bezel Card Reader

MEI 4 in 1+ Bezel Card Reader

  • $250.00

[DISCLAIMER] - This product only includes a card reader, for the full kit please contact your sales sales representative at 800-770-8539

The 4 in 1+ Bezel replaces the existing 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 bezel.

There is NO ribbon cable used on the 4 in 1+ Bezel

MEI has a new 4 in 1 + bezel that is used with MEI Advance 5xxx Telemeter. All three of these bezels use the same style 5 pin plug to connect to the ADV 5xxx telemeter. It performs just like the previous bezels with a few additional features:

  • Magnetic stripe cards

  • NFC contactless cards

  • Some mobile devices enabled with NFC

  • 3 buttons for Loyalty applications

  • Ground Strap to connect to machine mounting stud

Online Installation Guide:

MEI 4 in 1+ Bezel Card Reader Installation Guide >>