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2J LTE Bolt Extender - P/N: 6605

  • $10.00

[DISCLAIMER] - We have several antenna types. This 2J LTE Bolt Extender does NOT work with (a) Solo Antenna P/N: 5004 (has a Cantaloupe logo embedded in the plastic) and (b) Laird Antenna P/N: 6600 (hockey puck style)

    • What is it? 
      • 2J LTE Bolt extender that works exclusively with Cantaloupe's 2J LTE antenna.
    • What does it do?
      • For use on insulated (i.e., frozen/refrigerated) machines, in which the bolt extender "extends" the antenna through the VM's foam insulation.
    • What are they compatible with?
      • Works with Part Number 6604. Please be certain that you have Cantaloupe's 2J LTE antenna, as this bolt extender works only with Part # 6604

    Note: For use with Part Number 6604 only