EnergyMiser Products

Join the thousands of corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, government facilities, retail stores and hospitality properties that conserve energy cost and preserve the environment with our line of energy control products for cold beverage and snack vending machines and other electronic devices.

VendingMiser with PIR

When equipped with the VendingMiser®, refrigerated beverage vending machines use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new ENERGY STAR qualified machines.

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CoolerMiser with PIR

With CoolerMiser™ you can achieve maximum energy savings, resulting in a reduction in both operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Its energy-saving technology is incorporated into a small plug-and-play powerhouse that installs in minutes.

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SnackMiser with PIR

With SnackMiser™, you can achieve maximum energy savings that result in reduced operating costs and decreased greenhouse gas emissions with your existing machines.

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PlugMiser with PIR

PlugMiser™ saves energy on all types of plug loads, including arcade games, computer monitors, task lights, radios, copiers, personal printers, space heaters and more. It's invisible to the user and it installs in minutes with a universal mount.

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